Informatica Cloud Data Governance and Catalog

Enable predictive data intelligence for data and analytics governance.

Predictive data intelligence you can trust

Gain all-in-one data discovery, data catalog, data governance, data lineage and access to trusted data.

Achieve a unified view

Simplify collaboration, link business and technical context, and understand lineage.

Trust your data assets

Help ensure business decisions are based on accurate and trustworthy data.

Get insights faster

Gain reliable analytic insights with integrated governance of data and AI models.


Benefits of Informatica Cloud Data Governance and Catalog

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Turn data into a competitive advantage

Find, understand and access trusted data across your enterprise for all users.

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Classify your data automatically

Link technical and business context using AI-powered associations.

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Discover and understand the data you need

Find key data assets using browsable, hierarchical views for context.

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Easily extract powerful lineage views

Rely on trusted data with automated lineage across source systems.

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Informatica iPaas – Intelligent Data Management Cloud

Go beyond table stakes with the industry’s most comprehensive, microservices-based, API-driven and AI-powered enterprise iPaaS.

Continuous innovation

Powered by the CLAIRE engine, Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) supports any cloud-native pattern, from data, application and API integration to Master Data Management.

Broad ecosystem support

Our global distribution and multi-cloud support covers Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Snowflake and more.

Industry-leading security and scale

IDMC offers the industry’s highest enterprise scale and trust, with the industry’s most security certifications.

Informatica Cloud Data Quality

Deliver trusted data to all users throughout the enterprise with AI-powered automation.

Use fit-for-purpose data at enterprise scale

Manage the entire data quality process—regardless of the size of your company or the types and volumes of data—for data and analytics you can trust.

Embrace simplicity

Analyze and observe data with a profiling wizard experience and intelligent insights.

Automate intelligently

Issue identification and associated rule generation with data quality insights faster.

Increase efficiency

Build high-performance and trusted data pipelines with elastic infrastructure.

Data transfer

Benefits of Informatica Cloud Data Quality

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Resolve data quality issues fast

Profile, cleanse, standardize and enrich data with a key set of prebuilt rules.

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Data discovery and observability

Perform iterative data analysis to better understand the nature and health of your data.

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Rich set of transformations

Integrate data cleansing and standardization, verification and de-duplicate capabilities.

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AI-driven insights

Automate your critical tasks and simplify data anomaly detection to boost productivity.

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Informatica Data Lineage

Build trust with end-to-end data lineage. Automate data lineage with Cloud Data Governance and Catalog to understand your data’s journey.

Gain complete visibility into your data

Visualize data lineage and discover underlying relationships to improve data literacy and trustworthiness across your organization.

Increase data trust

Understand and increase confidence in data that fuels analytics and AI.

Improve transparency

Enable impact analysis and drive effective change management.

Mitigate your risk

Comply with regulatory mandates with extensive lineage for reporting.

Benefits of Informatica Data Lineage

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Automate end-to-end data lineage

Accelerate data-driven decision-making with increased transparency.

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Automatically extract lineage

Get detailed and summary views of data movement across data pipelines.

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Parse code to view data transformations

Derive lineage from code in SQL scripts, stored procedures and AI/ML code.

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Report on impact analysis

Track data flow from system- to column-level for detailed impact analysis.

Informatica Data Preparation made effortless

Speed up analytics and data science projects with an automated, simplified data preparation tool.

Turn your data into easy-to-get insights

Empower data consumers with a cloud-native data preparation tool to wrangle data across multi-cloud environments.

Do-it-yourself data prep

Discover and transform data sets quickly without relying on IT or manual coding.

Realize value faster

Finish your data preparation more quickly through intelligent automation.

Scale AI and analytics

Operationalize your machine learning models and analytical insights at enterprise scale.

Deep learning

Benefits of Informatica Data Preparation

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Access intuitive, self-service data prep

Explore, combine, clean, enrich and publish data into curated data sets.

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Easy data prep, governance and cataloging

Speed the discovery of the data you need across multi-cloud environments.

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Simplified data compilation and curation

Take advantage of intuitive data compilation capabilities in an Excel-like interface.

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Interactive data profiling

Use visualized data profiles and statistics to accelerate your large, curated data sets.

Cyber security

Informatica Cloud Data Marketplace

A better way to share data. Find, understand, trust and access data with the only cloud dedicated to data management.

Democratizing data for everyone

Power more data-fueled insights by delivering data sharing at enterprise scale to your business and beyond.

Drive value creation

Add value by connecting data consumers with high-quality, trusted and relevant data.

Shop for data seamlessly

Gain visibility into all available data collections and share the latest updates.

Empower data consumers

Make it easy for data consumers to find, understand and access the data they need.

Benefits of Informatica Cloud Data Marketplace

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Democratization of data and AI

Publish AI/ML models and data pipelines in consumable, easy-to-request packages.

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Transparent data delivery and usage

Track data from order through delivery and monitor usage, timing and purpose.

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Multi-marketplace capability

Deploy multiple marketplace entry points to support different data communities.

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