Informatica Cloud Data Quality

Deliver trusted data to all users throughout the enterprise with AI-powered automation.

Use fit-for-purpose data at enterprise scale

Manage the entire data quality process—regardless of the size of your company or the types and volumes of data—for data and analytics you can trust.

Embrace simplicity

Analyze and observe data with a profiling wizard experience and intelligent insights.

Automate intelligently

Issue identification and associated rule generation with data quality insights faster.

Increase efficiency

Build high-performance and trusted data pipelines with elastic infrastructure.

Data transfer

Benefits of Informatica Cloud Data Quality

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Resolve data quality issues fast

Profile, cleanse, standardize and enrich data with a key set of prebuilt rules.

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Data discovery and observability

Perform iterative data analysis to better understand the nature and health of your data.

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Rich set of transformations

Integrate data cleansing and standardization, verification and de-duplicate capabilities.

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AI-driven insights

Automate your critical tasks and simplify data anomaly detection to boost productivity.

Cloud data integration

Informatica Cloud Data Integration

Faster, simpler and affordable integration. Link source and target data with thousands of connectors that recognize metadata, making it easier to run complex integrations.

Lower TCO by up to 65%

Use our cost-effective optimization engine and intelligently automated cost control.

Spend up to 80% less time

Save design and development time, and speed integrations with low- and no-code tools.

Reduce complexity

Use one single platform to access everything you need to streamline data integration.

Benefits of Informatica Data Cloud Integration

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Feed cloud data warehouses and lakes

Ingest data with high-performance ETL, mass ingestion or change data capture.

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Efficiently integrate apps and APIs

Integrate any application, whether it’s on-premises or SaaS.

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Transform vast amounts of data

Process petabytes of data up to 72x faster within your cloud ecosystem.

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Reduce overhead

Integrate data on any cloud with ETL, ELT, Spark or a fully managed serverless option.

Informatica Data Lineage

Build trust with end-to-end data lineage. Automate data lineage with Cloud Data Governance and Catalog to understand your data’s journey.

Gain complete visibility into your data

Visualize data lineage and discover underlying relationships to improve data literacy and trustworthiness across your organization.

Increase data trust

Understand and increase confidence in data that fuels analytics and AI.

Improve transparency

Enable impact analysis and drive effective change management.

Mitigate your risk

Comply with regulatory mandates with extensive lineage for reporting.

Binary code data flowing

Benefits of Informatica Data Lineage

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Automate end-to-end data lineage

Accelerate data-driven decision-making with increased transparency.

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Automatically extract lineage

Get detailed and summary views of data movement across data pipelines.

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Parse code to view data transformations

Derive lineage from code in SQL scripts, stored procedures and AI/ML code.

Data flow icon

Report on impact analysis

Track data flow from system- to column-level for detailed impact analysis.

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