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The Power of a Semantic Layer

AtScale is a universal semantic layer that defines business metrics independently from BI tools and cloud data platforms – centralizing governance and control while still enabling federated analytics consumption and data product creation.

What is a Semantic Layer?

A semantic layer is a business representation of data that offers a unified and consolidated view across an organization. It maps different data definitions from various sources to provide a consistent and single view of data for analytics and other business purposes. AtScale's universal semantic layer bridges the gap between raw data assets and data consumers, ensuring simplified access, improved query performance, reduced computing costs, and enhanced security and governance. With AtScale, organizations can democratize data analytics, establish a single source of truth, seamlessly develop and share models, and drive better data-driven decision-making.

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Cost Optimization

Reduce costs associated with queries and usage of the persistence layer by optimizing query performance and resource utilization.

Faster Response Time

Achieve faster response times with a built-in aggregation layer, enabling quick access to pre-computed data summaries.

UI Flexibility

Seamlessly integrate with several BI tools, providing flexibility in choosing the right tools for data visualization and analysis.

Centralized Data Management

Centralize data modeling, security (Active Directory/Single Sign-On), and KPIs business rules, ensuring consistency and reliability across the organization.

Standardized Definitions

Establish a common definition of metrics and dimensions for both data science and business intelligence teams, fostering collaboration and alignment.

Self-Service BI

Enable self-service BI with customized business views, allowing users to analyze data without requiring deep knowledge of data modeling.