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Mission & Values

Our Story

Our story began in 2019 in the US. Triade has now expanded to five offices, offering nearshore and offshore comprehensive data management and analytics solutions.

Founded in the US by Andre Borges, Triade started in 2019 with a strong desire to deliver valuable data management solutions to our customers. With customer success as our top priority, we began turning business complexities into manageable deliverables, providing quick wins, roadmaps, and continuous progress to our customers.

In 2020, Triade’s first alliance was with a longtime friend Paolo Battagiotto who is an Expert System and Business Architect. This milestone marked the initial expansion of our team into the Brazilian market, a partnership built on a friendship and shared vision.

In 2021, we focused on expanding our R&D team, Arvind in India joined us, leveraging the country’s vast pool of quality resources to support Triade’s expansion mission. This partnership also created efficiencies for our US-based clients requiring offshore operations. Arvind and his team support all data integration capabilities in India, contributing to our Follow-The-Sun Delivery Program and expanding our coverage in the Asia-Pacific region.

In 2022, Rafael, based in the Dominican Republic, joined us, bringing exceptional expertise in Data Governance and overall Data Management. With his complementary skills, Triade now provides a full set of data solutions and Caribbean coverage.

Towards the end of 2022, Juan Henrique Manzano joined the group and opened Triade in Mexico to cover the NOLA region. With a strong background in Financial Services, Software, and Services, Juan strengthens our partnerships in the region and accelerates our growth with his extensive sales experience, extending beyond NOLA to North America.

Our team has deep expertise and a passion for People, Technology and Business Processes. Our Technical and Sales Teams have impressive track record of success, ready to tackle any challenge, anywhere, and of any size.


To empower our clients and our people to achieve exceptional success by delivering innovative and impactful solutions.


To lead digital transformation and create business value through advanced Cloud, Data, and AI technologies, accelerating time to market with a focus on people and innovation.


Accountability & Discipline: We do what we say we will. We understand that time is of the essence and value others’ time and our own.

Integrity: We do what is right.

Unity: We embrace diversity and inclusion, and together we go further.

Innovation & Freedom: Our team is empowered to think creatively and develop new solutions while adhering to best practices.

Excellence: We never stop learning and improving.

Stewardship: We act with an owner mentality.

Diverse team putting their hands together