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Leardership & Team

Triade provides you with the right people for the right jobs.

Our global consulting team spans the US, India, Brazil and Dominican Republic.

Triade's high-performing team of more than 40 specialists support organizations of all industries in their data journey, regardless of its maturity stage or complexity levels.All led by a group of hands-on executives with robust business and technical knowledge who combine more than 100 years of experience in the field.

Photo of Andre Borges

Andre Borges

Founder & CEO

Photo of Paolo Battagiotto

Paolo Battagiotto

Director of Data Management

Photo of Arvind Yadav

Arvind Yadav

Director of Emerging Technologies

Photo of Rafael Fonseca

Rafael Fonseca

Director of Technical Sales

Vinicius Martelli

Principal Architect

Juan Manzano

Sales Director & Mx Country Manager

Bankim Ghelani

Sales & Account Executive (US, Can, EMEA)