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Cloud Analytics

Consolidate or modernize your on-premises data warehouse or data lake in the cloud using market-proven technologies.

Create a single source of truth by bringing your diverse data together.

Future-proof your data pipelines, data lake, and data warehouse with a secure, flexible, and near-zero maintenance solution that easily scales to meet your needs.

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AI/ML & Data Science at Scale

Accelerate your time to value and ROI by transforming your data into actionable business insights.

Automate data discovery, preparation, processing, and mask sensitive data. Allow data scientists time to do what they do best – analyze data and drive innovation.

Implement your cloud-native data integration, quality, and metadata management.

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Data Modernization

Modernize your data platform at the speed of your business changes. Stop playing catch-up.

Rapidly onboard critical capabilities as business requirements and technologies change.

Take advantage of our vendor-agnostic solutions to quickly adapt your cloud platforms, including but not limited to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Snowflake, Databricks Delta Lake and many more!

Cloud Lakehouse Data Management

We combine the best of Informatica and Snowflake products with our expertise and certified technicians to help you store, manage and extract insights from the valuable data in your organization.