MDM SaaS includes the capabilities of the former on-premise Informatica MDM. As Informatica MDM Solution partners, Triade sells only the SaaS version, but can also support your existing on-premise MDM and help you with defining your path to the cloud.

Business 360

Accelerate your digital business. Connect data across the enterprise for a contextual 360-degree view and insights with Intelligent Master Data Management (MDM).

Speed deployment

Deploy faster with all-in-one capabilities and prebuilt domain and industry content.

Increase productivity

Democratize your master data with self-service access and AI-powered automation.

Get 360-degree insights

Connect multiple domains into an enterprise-wide, 360-degree view of the business.

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Benefits of Business 360

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Comprehensive capabilities

Get integration, quality, enrichment and governance in one cloud-native solution.

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Modern user experience

Increase self-service with business-oriented user interfaces and automation.

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Broad connectivity

Integrate and share master data anywhere using low-code/no-code development.

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AI-driven match and merge

Get advanced, AI-powered match tuning and rule recommendations.

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Customer 360

Deliver data-driven experiences. Design personalized and relevant experiences with a trusted, 360-degree view of your customers.

Grow mindshare

Design engaging, relevant experiences to attract, retain and grow your customer base.

Build loyalty

Deliver effortless experiences every time to meet your customers’ high expectations.

Achieve more

Develop greater clarity and accuracy to improve your marketing, sales and service outcomes.

Benefits of Customer 360

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Time to value

Make it faster and easier for your company to gain value from your customer data.

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Application for Customer Data Mastering

Use an all-in-one solution built on a microservices architecture for a single customer view.

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Low-Code and No-Code Capabilities

Create configurable, role-based views of customer dashboards, hierarchies and network graphs.

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Preconfigured Content

Leverage data models, reports and integrations tailored to specific industries and data sources.

Product 360

Create seamless experiences. Drive more revenue with engaging product experiences across diverse channels and marketplaces.

Streamline commerce information value chains

Simplify governance and management of product information to enable faster time to market, satisfying customer experiences and greater productivity.

Launch products faster

Automate the delivery of tailored product data and content to every commerce touchpoint.

Drive more conversions

Add context to experiences based on channels, preferences and product availability.

Improve productivity

Empower collaboration across marketing, sales and data teams with unified processes.

Connected data

Benefits of Product 360

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Deliver an engaging product experience

Put the product information your customers want at their fingertips.

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Product information management

Ensure accurate product data, attributes, specifications, taxonomies and relationships.

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Digital asset management

Manage and associate images, videos, labels and other branded content types with products.

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Connectivity and syndication

Seamlessly share information across the commerce value chain with API-based distribution.

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Reference 360

Increase the ROI from your applications by maintaining and sharing accurate reference data.

Maximize accuracy, minimize mistakes

Improve business efficiency by delivering complete and trusted reference data.

Empower employees

Give business users an easy-to-use application for reference data management.

Simplify compliance

Manage reference data efficiently to meet your reporting and compliance needs.

Improve governance

Create error-free reference data to quickly and efficiently drive business success.

Benefits of Reference 360

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Power up your applications

Use valid reference data sets that are centrally defined, organized and shared.

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User-friendly & configurable dashboard

Easily build your own screen where you can view, at once, what’s more important to you.

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Intuitive and self-service capabilities

Organize, version and audit your reference data with this streamlined application.

Crosswalks icon

Hierarchy management and crosswalks

Manage simple, complex and alternate hierarchies, along with attributes and crosswalks.

Supplier 360

Streamline vendor onboarding, materials procurement and accounts payable processes with supplier data management.

Fuel your value chain efficiently

Access a 360-degree view of your supplier network to better manage relationships, workflows and risks.

Go to market fast

Improve supply chain agility and operational efficiencies with speedy onboarding.

Cut your costs

Reduce supplier spend and management costs with automated, AI-driven workflows.

Reduce your risks

Achieve sustainability and ESG targets while monitoring and assessing supplier risk.

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Benefits of Supplier 360

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Intelligently master your supplier data

Strategically manage supplier information with our AI-powered application.

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Supplier self-service

Let new suppliers register via the portal and ensure they provide any required information.

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Supplier onboarding

Easily access and verify documents provided by suppliers to qualify them for onboarding.

Data quality icon

Integrated information validation

Validate, verify and enrich supplier email addresses, postal addresses and phone numbers.

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Finance 360

Empower the modern CFO. Increase efficiency and gain valuable insights through financial intelligence and automation.

Get more from your finance data

Deliver trusted data to lower cost, reduce risk and drive revenue with higher margins.

Deliver accurate reporting

Drive better decision-making and compliance by using AI to reconcile finance data.

Empower finance users

Support precise planning and forecasting with self-service data management.

Transform the business

Reduce cost and minimize risk by managing financial hierarchies and crosswalks.

Benefits of Finance 360

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Keep your business on track for success

Free up the funding you need to drive innovation and transform your business.

Finance hierarchy icon

Finance hierarchy management

Centrally manage and govern finance hierarchies and crosswalks within your business.

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Rich and intuitive user experience

Use a workflow-based user experience to view alternate perspectives, versions and audits.

Streamlined governance icon

Streamlined governance and data quality

Standardize and govern your finance data to ensure accuracy across the enterprise.

Data as a Service

Confidently engage with your customers using verified and enriched contact data.

Build the Business Case for Contact Data Verification

Data as a Service (DaaS) helps organizations of all sizes verify and enrich their data so they can confidently engage with their customers. With customer experience and engagement a top focus across all industries, ensure that messages and products make it to their intended targets via postal mail, email, or phone.

Contact Data Verification

For Informatica, Data as a Service begins with data that you can rely on. Without trusted, relevant, and authoritative data, you can’t engage effectively with your customers and prospects. With customer experience and engagements a top focus in all industries, ensuring that messages and products make it to their intended targets via postal mail, email, or phone is essential. Ensure high data quality by validating the accuracy of your contact data with Informatica, the leader in contact data verification.

Address Verification

Easily ensure the accuracy of your customers’ postal addresses with Address Verification.

Email Verification Plus Hygiene

Instantly verify that your customers’ email addresses are not only accurate, but also safe to send.

Digital connection network

Phone Validation

Validate phone numbers throughout the world to improve customer data and ensure you maintain the ability to engage with your customers

Contact Data Enrichment

Once data has been verified, enrich it with trusted third-party data sources so that you can learn even more about your customers and prospects. A cornerstone for all Data as a Service offerings, Informatica’s data enrichment services are hand selected for top quality with both the B2B and B2C audience in mind.

Business-to-Business (B2B) Data Enrichment

Global Geocoding

Get accurate global latitude and longitude data so you know exactly where your customers are located.

Sales Tax Calculation

Remove complexity from your tax environment with automated sales and use tax calculation.

Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Data Enrichment

Do Not Call List Verification

Instantly retrieve “Do Not Call” information and validate your customers’ communication preferences.

National Change of Address (NCOA) Verification

Immediately identify customers that moved so you never lose track with our National Change of Address service.

SMS Mobile Messaging

Start communicating with our easy-to-integrate service and send SMS text messages worldwide to your customers today.

Consumer Data Enrichment

Learn more about your customers to improve audience targeting, segmentation, and personalized messaging.

Mobile ID

Easily identify whether your phone records are mobile or landlines to ensure compliant communications.

Data Governance

Delivering trusted data. Be confident your data is consistent and reliable.

Fuel your business with data intelligence

Deliver measurable value for the entire organization by empowering your teams with trustworthy data.

Drive trusted decisions

Make sure your data is consistent, accurate and reliable with unified cataloging, governance and quality.

Save valuable time

Automate manual tasks with AI/ML, freeing your data stewards to focus on mission-critical processes.

Scale your growth

Extend and scale your platform with modular data services that address your changing business needs.

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Benefits of Data Governance

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Govern your AI and analytics

Access trusted insights with integrated governance of data and AI models.

Data modernization icon

Unite business and technical views

View your data holistically by linking technical metadata with business context.

Shield icon

Support integrated quality

Get reliable insights with integrated and automated data quality capabilities.

API icon

Democratize your data

Share more data by empowering your business with a data-sharing marketplace.

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Axon Data Governance

Empower data stewards. Work as a team to improve compliance, deliver trusted data and fuel value creation.

Drive more collaborative data governance

Share trusted data at enterprise scale using cost-effective data curation that empowers your teams.

Improve data stewardship

Give your data stewards better access to data, enabling them to act more quickly.

Achieve better outcomes

Manage evolving governance requirements while delivering consistent results.

Harness vital knowledge

Easily identify stakeholders and simplify knowledge-sharing between teams.

Benefits of Axon Data Governance

Data value icon

Accelerating the value of your data

Leverage AI-driven automation to help teams find and access data intelligence.

Research icon

Get fast access to curated data

Find, understand and access the data your teams need with a curated data marketplace.

Data migration icon

Define connections and dependencies

Easily define data connections, identify gaps and link policies to the items they affect.

Data profiling icon

Develop your data dictionary

Create a common data dictionary for a consistent source of business context across tools.

Triade is an Informatica Platinum Partner

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